Lifetime warranty

The KNNOX lighter comes with our lifetime warranty which covers functionality, workmanship and manufacturing faults. We do this because we believe in our products and have designed them to withstand the test of time.  

Included under the lifetime warranty are all of the lighter components excluding wicks and flints.  

Please note, the lifetime warranty does not cover:

  • Normal wear and tear and environmental factors including (but not limited to); corrosion, rust, discolouration, oxidisation and tarnishing.
  • Components that have been lost, stolen, misplaced or damaged from misuse (misuse includes instructions not followed accordingly).
  • Components that have been modified or personalised.
  • Components that have been purchased via unauthorised stockists or third-party retailers (ebay, etsy etc.).

While cases of wear and tear, accidental damage, theft and misuse are not covered, we will always try our best to assist and may offer to repair or replace components at a reasonable cost.

Please ensure you have a copy of your payment receipt or proof of purchase. If you have any questions regarding lifetime warranty please get in touch with us.